Mountain View and Cupertino missing from Windows 10 world clock application

No matter what, I can’t find Mountain View, California, USA in Windows 10 world clock application.


I also can’t find Cupertino, CA, USA.


I can find Redmond, Palo Alto and Nuremberg though. So why does only Mountain View and Cupertino missing?


It’s interesting since we know that Google, which is based in Mountain View and Apple, which is based in Cupertino, are both Microsoft competitor in several markets, like smartphone, search engine and PC operating system.

Free web service to determine client IP address

In one of my project, I’m using a web service to determined from what IP address the user has login to the system. This information later stored as a record to better track system accessibility and usability.

At first I’m using for this. It’s free, it returns data with JSON format, make it easier to format the data, and it also quite accurate. All seem well. Until I realized I have missed one simple-but-fatal detail.

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How To Manually Install Zend Server License

Since the release of Zend Server 7, Zend has remove the Free Edition of Zend Server. But don’t worry! If you need Zend Server for developing web application you can request Developer Edition license. For free. Provide you have once request free edition license in the past.

Step 1: Acquire license

Head over to Click on Request License button. You will be prompted to login using your Zend account and the requested license will be sent to your email.


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Fix Civilization V Sudden Start-up Crash

I have been playing Civilization V lately, already more than 24 hours now. But yesterday all of sudden the game crashed when I’m using DirectX 10/11 version. Tried DirectX 9 but still no luck.

After googling for more than 3 hours (so many turns wasted!) here are the following that I assume has fix it.

Verify Game Cache

Right click in Civilization V and select Properties. Navigate to LOCAL FILES tab and click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE… . It will take awhile and you cannot do almost anything else with Steam while doing it (duh!).


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Things Android And SteamOS Have In Common

SteamOS has quite make a news when it announced a few week ago by Valve. For those who didn’t know, SteamOS is the operating system that powered up Valve’s Steam Machine, to be announced next year. It supposed to be Valve initiative on conquering the living room.

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So what those two open source OS have in common?

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